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Two ancient stories from when I was a cabbie now (I'm shocked to realise) thirty years ago which may amuse you.

Radio job from the then "Newtown Businessmen's Club" in Albermarle Street in Newtown (in the first block off Australia St on the opposite side to the Carlisle Hotel - apparently a gay venue though I only knew it as a late-night drinking venue when such were rare). Passenger brought out and eased in the back of the cab, pretty drunk. It's only after a little while that I realised that he had shat himself. Yuck! I think I was more keen to be rid of him than to attempt to extract any extra payment for that. And I doubt if it was even a particularly long fare.

Street hail opposite the "Newington Arms" heading back into town. Two passengers get out at [then] Enmore Post Office opposite the Warren View. Left with one rather melancholy and inebriated woman in the front seat. OK, maybe she wasn't that old as I would see it now but I was probably only 20 or 21. I agree to take her to Newtown Station gratis. When it was time to get out, she wanted to kiss me thankyou. I said: "I'd rather just shake your hand."

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