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Nice story Adrian. I especially liked the insight into the Girl scene that does indeed plays itself out the way you described it.
Mind you, truly intelligent and honorable girls don't go for that crap, realising if you play the tart game all you will receive is a dickhead at the end.

"A cabbie once told me he throws all lost phones straight into the harbour. They're just too much trouble. Agreed."

I disagree. Trouble they are, the last one I found spend five days at my place after contacting the owner who turned out to be unreliable when it came to picking it up. But to his credit he gave me a nice bottle of wine.
Its a hassle to go to lost property every time, so I try to make contact with the owner and make a few dollars out of it most of the time, via the meter, delivering it back. And it works both ways, most customers are grateful for the extra service.

This saves you creeping around Ladies bedroom windows in the middle of the night :)

I don't understand - why were your good intentions wrong? Because they kept you waiting a while after ringing the bell? Maybe the girl had dashed into the shower...

Also, as far as doorbells are concerned, mine is rung several times daily by teenagers walking by, especially in the mid afternoon (I often work from home). I don't generally answer it unless I'm expecting someone. My terrace house has a gate with a bell that is easily reachable from the footpath so it's inviting to such mischief - not sure if that applies in your circumstance.

Yeah, Rainer, but it would have cost her maybe $50 and I was knocking off, too much drama. Easier to just return it and be done with it.

Jeremy, it was a case of the wrong place and the wrong time. Last time I do that.

Women eh, can't live wiv em - can't shoot em!

With the benefit of hindsight, probly better you didn't stray past the front door, Adrian. If they didn't answer, then just return to lost property, as you are obliged to do.

( )

I can't work out what you mean by "cost her maybe $50"? Do you mean that the phone cost $50 (in which case, missing the point surely because the value of the phone is the information in it), or that reclaiming it from lost property would? Or something else?

Marcellous, 'maybe $50' refers to the return fee (running the meter) which is approved by the passenger. Within 30 minutes she would have called pleading for it's return. In which case I may have been on the other side of the City by then, a $50 fare back.

Maybe you should have scrolled through the phone's contacts and looked for an entry titled 'home' and tried to ring her on that number

Adrian, my guess is that within 30 minutes (probably less) she would have been asleep and the loss would not have been discovered until the morning!

Brian, good suggestion and one I've employed in the past. In this case it was quicker-or should have been-to ring their bell than possibly ring her Mum in the US.

I've returned a few phones and each time, was generously tipped with cash or cases of beer..

It's worth doing and shows us cabbies to the paying public that we are a responsible drivers...

if too much hassle, then take it back to lost property...

GEEZ !!! When are you blokes going to GET A LIFE ? You guys seem to have a lot of time with absolutely nothing to do !


unless they contact the cab company or ring the phone and i answer it to arrange a return,i just leave them in the cab for the next driver to worry or not about.

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