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There seems to be a thing with people called NATHAN.Everytime i go shopping with my wife the tantram throwing boy in the shopping centre is a NATHAN.AT the pie shop NATHAN takes 15 minutes to decide whether to have a pie or sausage roll, 20 minutes to decide if he wonts sauce,another ten minutes on whether it should be tomatoe or bbq.Take care Adrian.

Don't ya luv 'em... humans... bah humbug!
Take care,

One of my best moments in dealing with "Nathans" was the occasion four young fellows wanted to turn it up.
I said no worries and put in a CD containing the filthiest base loaded techno one can get.
I turned it up to full volume. [taking care of the speakers]
One thing I can guarantee you is that the lads were spinning out by the time they left the cab.
They couldn't hear my laughing as I drove away......Reverse psychology, a bored cabbies amusement at best of times. :)

But to be honest Adrian, I have met too many Nathans in my days. They were OK when there was a reasonable living in the game but are now tiring as a source of income.
It makes me want to throw my shoes at them, but then acts like this aren't in my culture.
Take care mate.

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