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This has happened to me and you far too many times.
I remember one time on King St. Newtown, where this scenario played out in exactly the same way as described above.
I got out and explained to the passenger who was just about to get into the offending cab what happened.
She looked at me and said, well, this has nothing to do with me and then jumped into the idiots cab.
I replied fair enough and drove off.

Reflecting on this event I came to the conclusion that people do not want to get themselves involved in the shit fighting that happens between frustrated cabbies. All they want is a lift with no hassles. Imagine being a passenger, jumping into the cab behind and being chased by the psychopath cabbie in the front.
Believe it or not, this has happened.
So Adrian, let it go and look for another fare. The best you can do is take the other cabs number and file a complaints with his network for dangerous and irresponsible driving.


Rainer, I understand the passenger doesn't want to get involved in a shitfight which is why I leave the decision to them. Whilst they are making that decision it doesn't pay to lean on the horn, either.

If they hesitate then a polite toot is best. Occasionally it sways them but otherwise they look, shrug, then take one step to the crazy cab.

Surely it's not sheer laziness which overrides their self-preservation instincts. Whatever it is, it doesn't make sense.

And besides jeopardising their own safety these people are also (unwittingly) rewarding bullying, thereby encouraging more dangerous driving.

I just saw this on the smh web site - I don't suppose he resembles the horrible man you carried in your cab who said he wanted to rape a woman?

I suppose even if by some strange coincidence it was, there's not much you can do.

Scary story, Alice, but not surprising. Hopefully they can find the driver, recover the images and publish them. This wasn't my passenger, though, he was caucasian.

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Maggots are white with horizontal stripes.
Whereas, the business suit is dark with vertical stripes. Therefore, the business suit is a maggot disguise outfit. Do not be fooled or intimidated by the business suit. Also, do not be surprised when your customer acts less than human.

Yes I think it may be true that the Gen Pub may not wish to get involved. Maggots as well, drive cabs, like dangerous, irresponsible parasites. If the G P had any integrity they would by pass these desperate fools.

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