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In the US, despite a very common usage of the f-word in many places, the c-word is almost universally reviled. In nearly 17 years of living here, after growing up in Aus, I can't ever recall having heard it.

I have always liked the Irish. I contribute Australia's easy going nature to their influence from the very start of this country.
Until two years ago I never had any trouble with them, drunk or not, they respected me and the service I supplied.

But lately, with the influx of county woop woop new arrivals, trouble has become apparent with one of my favourite group of customers.

So look Paddy's, don't give the Taxi man no shit, you ought to be smart enough to sort out the real deal from the fraught.
Please don't let me down, I have always had a special place for you in my heart but you are starting to attack my tolerance with your bad behaviour.
This is a great country where everyone tries to have a bit of fun, but respecting your fellow men is one of the codes of this society.

I completely agree. That word is so vulgar. I'm a 23 year old female and I hear people (mostly of my age group) use it everday. It's disgusting.

its just a word.a couple of letters strung together,yes it doesn,t sound very nice but geeze if that gets your back up your in the wrong game.

Manly cabbie, we all accept the c-word often slips out, but it's constant and nasty repetition is unnecessary. Besides, I wouldn't think one could talk like that on a bus.

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