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As the article stated, Morfis "was described by locals as ‘an accident waiting to happen’."

Some people just shouldn't drive taxis. Believe it or not, I have met characters like Morfis [the taxi driver] in Sydney, driving a cab.
Remember the cabbie that stabbed a motorist in a road rage accident two years ago in Lane Cove ?
These types are around, but usually have a short lifespan in the taxi industry.

So, to any short fuse macho man, stay away from cabs and dealing with the general public. Being a doorman is more suited to your temper and you can bash patrons and get paid for it.

I also extend my condolences to Robert Seggards family, keeping in mind that dealing with 18 year old lager louts who are overseas for the first time can be a real challenge, cultural and otherwise, for some people.

I don't think Mr. Morfis should be apologising to anyone. He was attacked. He fought back. Don't mess with cabbies.

Vigorous self-defense is not the same thing as road rage, and has the effect of reducing attacks on cabbies. These things are only common in the UK because the people there are used to getting away with it.

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