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Remember the RTA advertising campaign that featured the girl wiggling her little finger? A lot of people were offended, but I heard it had an effect on hooning - though I don't know how they measured that ...

Yeah, I hate it how you so often see bike riders not having the correct safety equipment or obeying the road rules yet they seem to be the first party to shout and scream when there is a near miss on the road.

I don't see the police enforcing the road rules against cyclists either.

On another topic I fond it interesting that council rangers have all the time jb the world to write parking tickets but can't seem to do anything to solve the problem of professional beggers in the city.

Hi Adrian
Couldn't agree more with you, and I ride a bike to and from work, to the shops, to the park with the kids.
It drives me spare the way some cyclists behave - a bike is a vehicle, and the user needs to obey the road rules.
And being a trained nurse I could go into excruciating detail about 'life' with permanent brain damage, not to mention the effect on family and friends.
Brain damage is not cool.

Many cyclists break the road rules, but most don't. it's a bit the same with taxis isn't it? Funny but the bad cabbies seem to get all the publicity too.

adrian was that you on abc radio the other night taking about stand by taxi's.shane on that other cabbie who came on later and said you had it all wrong.


Have all cycles painted olive - sorry, drab - green. With a government health warning on them.

Would you hear a bicycle bell from the car anyway?


We must be on different planets.

More often than not, the cyclists I see on the roads break the road rules.

Adrian what is the point of carrying a bell on a bicycle other than to appease the law makers? Car drivers have their windows up with the heater going and the radio / cd player turned up & pedestrians are all listening to music that is too loud for their ear drums with their ear buds in and can't / wont hear it anyway.

I have a bell on my bike which I did not pay for. I made the bike shop guy throw it in as part of the sale at no cost it is fitted under my seat so I don't have to see it or deal with it.

The only useful device to alert motorist or pedestrians to your presence is an air horn called the Air Zound unfortunately it costs almost $50 so we wont see too many of them around.

A very different planet indeed.

Oh goody, another cyclists-vs-drivers tar-with-the-same-brush argument - "I saw a cyclist/taxi driver/mormon run a red light therefore all cyclists/taxis/religions are evil."

Why not just accept that there's a rainbow of people in every mode of transport - some of them will wear hi-vis jackets with little mirrors on their helmets, some won't wear a helmet at all. Some taxi drivers don't know how to give way, some read the road rules every night before bed.

And for god's sake don't lump commuter cyclists in with the bike couriers, those guys are batshit insane.

Adrian whatever happened to the cycle-taxi's in the city ? they also wore no helmets but had a bell.Are they in rehab ?


"some read the road rules every night before bed."

That's also called a cabbies prayer. :)

I think that you will find if you're a cabbie and break the rules over an extended time you get booked for your violations and eventually loose your licence and source of income.

If your a cyclist and you break the road rules nothing happens.

End of story.

My former boss is legally blind, he has about 15% pheriperal sight. He was waiting to cross at an intersection in the city one day (he told me but I can't remember which now), the walk beeps started and he started crossing the road. A man on a bike collided with him and then abused my former boss for not watching where he was going. I would have thought that the cane was a give away, and that the tool on the bike should have been watching were he was going and obeying the traffic lights.

They are krazy, most bullying people in sydney, no road rule, they are the rules.
I meet a cyclist riding the wrong side of the road, stopped next to my windows and teach me how to swear, good on him.

The ol' cyclist vs. cars topic.

It seems like I'm always trying to defend the most hated groups on our roads - taxi drivers and cyclists since I am both!

Are all car motorists road raging lunatics? No. Do they exist? Yes.

Don't let the few bad apples ruin the image of the collective group is all I say. Deal with it, it happens is all I say. Moving on...

The York C101 Cycle is one of the cheapest exercise bikes available and is very much seen as an entry-level model for beginners.

Actually saw a cyclist riding on the wrong side of the road without a helmet. Then saw two more cyclists 10 minutes later on Anzac parade also without helmets.

Hardly a minority giving everyone a bad name.

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