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Nice one !

I wouldn't trust him though; he looks like a shady character to me. :)

Funny! Also, spotted: a white husky waiting in the driver's seat at a car parked outside St George Tavern, Rockdale. I wonder if the husky is on its P-plates?

Yep...................dog ;-)

Where did you get the shades for the dog at?

Great picture. Just wondering - does the man look like the dog, the dog look like the man, or do both dog and man resemble Bono?

They're called "Doggles" and are meant to protect a doggy's eyes while its head is out the window. Frankly, my dog would kill me if I put those on him!

Fabulous blog, Adrian. I'm current laid up with a knee injury and I've spent the last week reading all your "On the Job" entries. You're a wonderful, emotive writer and I've thoroughly enjoyed every word.

If you see a bird on crutches frantically waving for cab on the lower Nth Shore, stop and pick me up, eh?


Now thats a cool dog!

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