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Or just being a lowly foreigner crowding an indusrty thats already clogging an over populated city.

Face it Adrian. Cab driving is a complete shit fight of a job that leads to disgruntled unfufilled wasted life.

A sour, off topic comment on a positive, uplifting story. Nice.

This is great advice for anyone who is trying to make a difference to their copy...thank you very much for the lesson!

Very easy reading Adrian.
Things like that can make any job a pleasure to be part of.
That new Bub, when he/she arrives, will be off to a great start with a Mum who shows that much love and respect of the Bubs father.
Good luck to them both for the future.

Yeez wake up readers !
Thank you Kevin for this nice piece. I hope the fathers spirit will be reborn in the new baby. Properly all it needed was your blessing mate.

"Sometimes being a cabbie is just about being there at the right time for the people who need you."
And here you describe something magical that all experienced driver know. Funny how this works, but it does.

I have been to Canberra in late autumn and it reminded me a lot of Europe. Stunning colour in the trees and the feeling that freezing your balls off is just around the corner.

Keep posting Kev, I enjoyed the read.

Hmmm... Did'nt a musician once sing "show me heaven...".

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