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From my experience (giving a best man's speech and a speech at my own wedding) my advice is to stay away from the grog after the ceremony and just have a few drinks at the reception - you want to be buzzed and relaxed but not pissed. Red Bull shots will probably get you worked up, I can't imagine you want TOO much caffeine in your bloodstream at that point, or you'll appear nervous. :)

Happy and relaxed is where you want to be. It should be pretty easy to judge on the day, just make sure you have your wits about you.

Nice to see you gaining a daughter Adrian.

As the wedding will be held in FNQ you should let go of all those fantasies like red and white wine, gin and tonic and, God forbid, red bull and vodka.

As the rest of Australia knows, in FNQ one drinks beer and rum. Everything else is viewed with intense suspicion, "must be from down south" or poofter, recognition.

So relax my friend, don't forget your shorts and T shirt for the wedding, don't make the mistake of wearing sandals marking the occasion; anything but thongs will attract funny looks as well.

And here is my best advice to you : when you give your speech, speak slooowly, in FNQ 60 Minutes has an hour and a half time slot on Channel 9.

Enjoy the sun, they are a good lot up there, give them something to laugh about and you'll have them on your side.

And don't go licking any cane toads, it will be surreal enough without that stimulant. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Thanks, Miles, I bow to your superiour wisdom - happy and relaxed is exactly where I want to be.

Rainer, that's hilarious. Reminds me of the famous Monty Python sketch-'no poofters, Bruce'.

Also remember living in FNQ back in '96 and seeing a business man arriving for work during the wet season in a suit with rolled up trousers and bare feet.

Yep, surreal is the operative word in FNQ. I can't wait.

You have nuffin to worry about Adrian, all will be good, and the speech bit will be fine.
As said, calm and relaxed will get the points.
Congrats and good luck to the lotovya.

Ohh yeah, we want piccies ;-)

So, you'll be in God's Own Country for Origin. Tread lightly ... and carry a Fourex!

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