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Not missing much.

Ahhh, the Mid-North coast. I've just booked my flights to PMQ for a week in December. Lovely.

Lately, even when you're here youre away.

Just to give you an idea of what you are missing.
Thursday, payday for public servants and social security. Money on the streets.
What I found is heaps of traffic and vacant Taxis everywhere. People are certainly out, but are not catching cabs. Frustration plus.
So I went on strike and headed home with some liquid tranquiliser.
Too hard mate, could be that I am spoiled, but no point trying to work the unworkable.
Enjoy your time off.

enjoy your time off,got to agree with rainer did a day shift last week and made less than i could make 15 years ago,but down on the far south coast did a shift in the company i do the odd shift and made 3 times as much,so stay north adrian Sydney is no place to drive a cab anymore.

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