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Same here Adrian, the scams pulled on me in all those years would make entertaining reading as well.
Going to the cops is indeed a waste of time, when someone rips me off I see it as a tax loss and don't bother reporting it. But it does hurt.

As to the hard man and his revenge, now here is someone who the cops should take seriously. If everyone in society would be a hard man we would have anarchy, not a good way to live.

Nice to see some posts, keep it up !

I hate it when honest people get ripped off, attacked, their properties vandalised, and so on, and when reported to the police they are told they are not important enough to warrant police attention.
What the hell do we pay these cops for? A crime is a crime, and stealing $35 is as much a crime as stealing $3500.

I suggest you make a formal complaint to the Police Commissioner. A junior copper behind a counter should not have the right to "kiss off" a member of the public like this.

I bet if his wages were 40 short he would be asking questions.
Australian blokes are a bit iffy over here as well.

As if you would pick up some dodgy from kingsX any!!!??? -asking for a runner IMO

not hard to say "Marrickville? no sorry mate I need to be in epping to return the cab in 25 minutes. Jump in another one."

Time to pull out those old video/dvd's of Taxi Driver.

and they wonder why no one but new imigrants want to drive taxi's.

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