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Saturday night and wearing a school uniform ?
Obviously a Christina Amphlett fan......

Chocolate cake is a good change from rocks, I reckon, but the worst is eggs. If you don't clean them off straight away they will stain the paint for weeks.

Best one I ever copped was a full garbage bag, being thrown from the 4th floor of a building. Banana peel, backed beans, tea bags, the lot.

You have to love being a cabbie, never a dull moment.

well instead of throwing half eaten trash at "adrian the hotstuff cabbie"...i can throw myself at adrian instead...i still fall under the category of cheap adelaide trash myself

I agree with franni, these food and rock throwing idiots should throw themselves under the cabs then we would not have to deal with these idiots on the streets.

Weirdest thing that struck my windscreen was a WHOLE BBQ chook one night. Obviously they weren't too hungry. It hit the passenger side of the windscreen (I was vacant at the time) and freaked the hell out of me for a brief moment.

Must here confess to emptying the rather full ashtray over a tailgater's windscreen at one point a few years back.

There I feel better now.

Hi hows it going ?

I drove a combined taxi in Sydney in the late 80's early 90's.

Glory days you could make enough cash to live well driving 2 shifts per week with a little help from social security, that goes without saying.

Yep the sh**** city was a country town back then spose it still is compared to shanghi

Those were the days blah blah etc

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