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George Street was closed for some sort of "golden oldies rugby parade" - i don't know more but I heard it on the traffic report yesterday.

The previous sunday the city was closed for the marathon - these closures are getting too frequent. it's not good.

G'day ol' son... good ta see ya on deck again :-)

I know ya cuttin' back a bit, but was startin' ta worry about your absense.

All the best

Yes, Alice, the golden oldies compensated me with some extra work through the week so all's forgiven.

Thanks, Ian, I haven't given up the blog. Been a bit slack whilst I finally attempt to whittle down some 600 stories for a book.

Yep great to read the entries again.

Looking forward to more details about the book...

Richard UK

My father used to be a cabbie in NZ and Melbourne, next time someone 'forgets his/her wallet' turn around and drive them back to where you picked them up from! It won't get you the fare, but it will give you a feeling of satisfaction knowing they have to find another way to get home!

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