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The Opera Hose needs $50 million ?? Why didn't you say so...send me their contact so I can mail them a check...LOL

A lot of commentators reckon the independents are holding the government to ransom and that is why the broadband roll out will start in the bush, as opposed to the cities.
Think of it what you like but it is a fact that our cities are overcrowded and congested and the future of Australia lies in regional development.
And why not, living in quieter yet prosperous surroundings must beat being stuck on Parramatta Rd. looking at garbage in the street.

I like this Oakeshott fellow, all he needs to do is shorten his stories a bit and the whole country may find that an independent candidate can be a better politician that the idiots that came through the ranks.

I appreciate it very much, at least I know from it someone is reading the contents.
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