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I'll never understand some guys...just baffles me, seriously... maybe it just is a matter of upbringing

Gooday Adrian
How do you go with the new child restraint laws. Do they apply to cabs?

Mick, the kids seat belt law apply to everyone, except for buses which don't have belts. In this case I failed to stipulate separate belts as parents generally know this, only at the end realising the shared belt arrangement.

She still went back to the home they shared together, so she had the strength to escape the car, but not the house that a voilent man was comming home to.

Gooday Adrian,
I wasn't pointing an accusing finger, I was thinking about the new laws that require children under the age of 7 to have a special booster seat.

I have since had a look at the RTA website and taxis are excempt.


Understood, Mick. The booster seat requirement was too unwieldy for cabs, I guess.'

Good point, Sarah...(shudder).

Nice to see you back Adrian!

Two of our cars have booster seats built in.

Thanks, crjc. Are booster seats mandatory in Canadian taxis?

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