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I think your use of the words "green mandate" are interesting. Can a political party that has failed to be elected to government claim a mandate?

If you think about it, more people voted against The Greens than for them, so whre is their mandate?

why is it only inner city dickheads who vote for the wacko greens.

The Greens policies might sound lovely, but when they start eating into the lifestyles or the bank accounts of voters, I reckon their support base will plummet. How, for example, do you cut carbon emissions by a significant amount without making the demand drop? Tax the crap out of the users. That's how. Electricity and fuel prices will zoom up.

And solar power might sound great when it's just a few panels on the roof, but you can't power a city like Sydney from rooftop panels - you have to build solar farms. On farmland. Or parkland.

Want some fun? Suggest to a Green that their party is racist and this link verifies it. The red-faced yammering is to behold.

half of the greens have a tan in winter, why would they be racist?

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