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Interesting that both passengers responded to the promised 1.5 billion spent on mental health, as promised by Tony Abbott. But lets not forget that he previously denounced spending on mental health as a waste of time. Let them sort out their own problems, was his stand some years ago. Just think positive and let God guide you!
But he may as well get my vote too, for cabbies don't get any holiday pay, sick leave or superannuation, and therefore it is comforting to know that we have somewhere to go at the end of our exiting career.
The Mark Latham home for burnt out cabbies, with nurse Bishop dishing out the medication, priest Abbott conducting the Sunday service, Hawke the cleaner selling us moonshine for overinflated prices, Ms. Gillard providing the entertainment on the piano and Keating taking care of our burial.
All sorted then, good oh.
( you shouldn't told me about those alcoh pops Adrian)

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