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Most of my passengers say, hey driver nice tunes, can you turn it up a little.

All this talk about wastage of money, my oh my, those shock jocks and right wing newspaper really put the opinion boot into Labour, haven't they.
OK, the school and home insulation projects were rorted and money was misspent, but the situation at the time called for a quick monetary injection into the system. If you had government administering it in the usual fashion the lag would have been too long.
And there should be no question that the initiative did work.

What drive me nuts is the way Australian politics have developed in the last two decades. There is not much between the party's except that the Liberals look after business and save money but neglect vital things in society and country and then labour gets its turn, starts spending to correct that neglect, whilst cutting deals with industry. That of cause excludes the Susses street crowd, who are all business.

My bet for Saturday : Hung parliament with independents holding the power.

Monday will be a busy day for Tony and Julia, no doubt.

Thank you for Cabpoll Adrian, a job well done !

Hey thanks, Rainer. It was exhilarating but also relentless working six nights a week. Today, polling day is my last day where I'm live-blogging from the cab, to be posted on ninemsn.

Your poll prediction is pretty close, I reckon, though in the last 36 hours I'm just starting to hear the clinking of baseball bats being pulled out of storage.

Be ready for anything.

Wrapup ?

There is only one thing that came out of this election : The faceless men of the Labour party have egg on their face and rightfully so. The political maneuvering undertaken by those turkey's has lost them Government, shamefully so as it was their first term.
Just imagine Kevin standing his ground, cutting a deal with the miners, something he was about to do before his axing, and recovering his approval rating, Labour would be in power today.
Shame on Sussex street, biting the bullet in N.S.W. isn't enough, they exported their cancer nationally.
Thank you Julia Gillard, for yours was a hard task and I feel the scorn of the general public was not directed against you personally but against the machine that stands behind you.

Congratulation to Tony Abbott who brought his party back from the brink and campaigned like a true champion.

My deepest regrets towards the shamble that will be Australian politics for the next three years, no matter what your alliance, this is not a good outcome for the country.

FINALLY! the end of borrrring cabpoll and back to customers doing runners on Adrian and looneys making improper advances on him!

BOO to politics -they are all the same in the end!

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