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Glad to see your back blogging once again Adrian.... look forward to your postings as always

I'd be really worried about this poll if I were the Government. I was in the back of a cab last NSW election, and aware of the cabbie's knowledge of the man in the street's thinking, I asked my cabbie who would win. He stated, "Labor' I said you've got to be kidding, they are so on the nose, but he said, NO. History tells us who was right.

adrian i don't know where you now reside on the north coast and where your nearest taxi service is but i can tell you the money isn't to back in cabs on the nsw coast well not on the south coast anyway and its a lot less stressfull driving in the country(although maybe not as many cablog stories and no 3am cafe's to chew the fat at the end of a shift)

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