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This was very interesting Adrian, as this Green supporter made a very good point; the only political leader of conviction on the Australian scene right now is Bob Brown, and many people recognize this.
Therefore a vote for the Greens will be a vote for Bob Brown in this election.
The only problem I see with the Greens is that traditionally this party is a hiding ground for old powerless socialists and left wingers, who talk to much and know how to manipulate a vote inside their own party. Peter Garrett had the same problem with the Nuclear Disarmament Party and quit his leadership of same for this reason.
But I do see a definite advantage of the Greens holding the balance of power as any "positive" legislation by labor will get voted in instead of being sabotaged for political reason.
But by the end of the day one should not forget that its the economy, stupid, and therefore the cooperation of industry is required when a radical change is advocated.
This will be much harder to achieve.

Hey Rainer, thanks for the feedback and yesterday's welcome back. You'll be interested to know the comment facility over at Cabpoll is now open.

Trust you're surviving the increased taxi competition and the awful weather. Give me a call and I'll shout you a coffee. Cheers,

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