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G'day Adrian

Nice to see you back on Cabpoll.
After falling asleep during the great debate and harnessing the opinion that everybody is already "over it" after the first week of election campaign, here are my words of wisdom. :

This election campaign and the behaviour of both parties in regards to their policies displays that all they seem to be concerned about is the public reaction to media moulding.
It seems more important to appease the electorate as to whatever the shock jocks or the ABC have infused their listeners/ watchers with, then to create policies of conviction.
We have lost one Prime Minister to this behaviour and I reckon we live in a sad world when Politician have to purely appease the powers behind the created opinions, the big dollar spending industry, in order to get into power.

Thereby the 2010 election sucks and I'd rather watch Doc Martin and hope for the best.

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