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This is a good event to watch this coming June.

Happy Bloomsday from Dublin,(home of 20,000 taxis for 1 million citizens !), it'll be a week of butchers bikes, old clothes, and plenty of Guinness and craic.

Another 'new' celebration of Irishness will be Sept 24

so that makes Paddy's day 17 March, Bloomsday 16 June, and Arthurs day 24 Sept. Worldwide celebrations of Irishness unrivalled by any other nation !!( we're too pissed over cold Christmas to go out on the streets ! )

Just wondering - are there any owner-drivers in Oz or does everyone just rent a cab ?
A lot of Irish drivers are owner-drivers of Mercs but a new 9 year law will force us to dump the Mercs and buy ex-cop Mondeos !

Thanks for that Adrian. A big hallo to our Irish community and visitors.
God love em. What would we do on Sunday nights if it wasn't for the Paddy's. :)

August and Sept Sunday's should keep you going if the pubs stay open til 4am as the Irish Gaelic football / hurling championships are being played, should keep you up to 'tipping' speed with the various counties playing ( Matches are usually on 2-4pm IRL/UK time ).
Summer sundays are good for us too - especially the All Ireland final on the 2nd/3ed sunday in September

Sydney's taxis 'unfixable' ?? Just found but it seems a bit inactive so did it bomb to public indifference ?

i think it would be a cool event to watch out for, there are not many events which excite you or make you look forward to them, i hope this is something new and good

Adrian, I hope you are ok. I've been missing your regular blogs and realise how much I depend on you to get me started for the day - Cablog is always the site I check first, before email, the news, the weather or my bank account. Sometimes your blogs give me the giggles, sometimes they leave me in tears, but always there's something to think about even if I disagree with your views. Here's best wishes from a devoted fan ...

hi, Adrian, i am so glad to get your blog.

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