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Christ, I almost ran over a bunch of these douchebags Saturday afternoon. Sadly my aim wasn't good enough. Now I know what all the fuss was about.

Adrian I have had enough of them as well, so much so in fact that after 5 years of straight nights I am switching to says starting Monday of next week. Can't wait. I'm sure I'll get sick of mrs jones and her shopping too but I'll only have to think about another friday night in northbridge to know I've made the right choice.

James, beware the green meanies!
Becker, did you enter the competition as a driver? Good luck with day shift, I will surely be doing the same one day.

How sad and how worrying it is that so many of today's youth can enjoy themselves without the addition of alcohol and drugs to enhance their experiences.

Have they no natural imaginations?

becker i do a mix of day and night shifts when i drive and to make money you must start early so all the scumbags of the night shift are still there at 4am 5am on certain days.Try get a cab for semis on mon tues wed work your butt of and have thur fri sat sun off thats what i'd be doing if i was a full time cabbie.

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