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What is it with Cab Drivers and unusual animals in urban areas this week? http://cabsareforkissing.blogspot.com/2010/03/stranger-in-strange-land.html

I chased a fox across Kings Avenue Bridge in Canberra in the early hours of the morning. Driving a cab in Canberra can be a fauna-lovers dream.

I've seen a fox run along Coogee Beach at night. No one believed me. I will show them this! Thanks, I'm not so crazy.

Some months ago I saw a fox at some distance running up the street and my family said I was seeing things. Well tonight I just saw a fox only 3-4m away from me running along the nature strip on Fitzgerald Ave Maroubra as I took out the rubbish. Thanks. I'm not seeing things they really are out there!!

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