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This would be funny if it wasn't so sad! The European Commission for Equal Rights, to decide if an electronic device could beat years of research and learning.
Me thinks you couldn't find a linked report as there are a lot of twisted stories going around Britain in regards to equal rights. Since they have gone overboard on PC, the natural reaction was a revolt by the population against PC, and yes, a few lies can't hurt the cause. My guess anyway.
But on the issue of professional drivers vs GPS, its rather obvious that there is more to be taken into account that a street map. I have heard of Taxi rides going from A to B via C, due to the driver following a GPS.
In my opinion, knowledge and experience is something that only time will give you, electronic devices are a good shortcut, but not foolproof.

Many of the problems customers encounter with Sydney cabbies would be non-existent if there was something in place which meant that every cab driver had to pass at least some sort of 'knowledge' test. Even if it was only very basic.

I got in a cab last week in Paddington and said I wanted to go to Bondi beach. The cab driver looked at me and shrugged his soldiers. When I asked him how long he had lived in Sydney he said 10 years! If only he had spent some of that time learning 'the knowledge' and how to get around Sydney.

My friend became a taxi driver in the early 80s. To get the licence she had to pass a knowledge test of Sydney and know how to get from A to B the shortest, fastest route.

Flag? Was there a Flag college or something? I don't remember.

Rainer, a reader found these links dealing with the issue of minorities having access to black cab employment. This was around the time when I read of the aforementioned appeal, based upon sat nav devices.

Kae, maybe 'flag' refers to flagfall, the $3.20 starting rate of a fare.

Thanks for the links Adrian. Maybe Ken Livingstone's idea of encouraging different groups of population into the cab business should be taken up by the NSW Taxi council.
I am looking forward to a few more white faces running me off the road. :)
Naturally they will be easy to spot as they would have to drive a white Taxi for at least three month before they'll climb up the career ladder and graduate to Silver.

in early days i could remember dozens phone numbers. now i know none. they all in my mobile.
once went surfing and locked car key inside ( and my phone of course ). didn't know who to call. don't even know my wife's number.
modern technologies. we rely on them to much.
that makes me keep away from tom toms.
also its a shame foe cabbies using them i guess.

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