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What is it with cabbies refusing to carry dogs in general ? Dogs are man's best friend and a pleasure to have around. And if you are worried about the cleanliness of your cab, let me assure you that I have met a lot of dogs that are in a more hygienic state than some cabs and cab drivers.
And refusing guide dogs is against the law; its a bit like taking a wheelchair bound passenger and insisting that the chair has to stay behind.
Wake up drivers, if you are not prepared to deal with western life and customs than don't drive a cab!

Oh my god. I could seriously hug that dog. Glad the guy is being taken to court, think that is despicable.

I personally think cabbies who refuse to pick up passengers who have service animals should be fired.

There are cabbies refusing to carry passengers who have alcohol in their luggage, there are those refusing to carry service animals and those who refuse passengers for whatever personal, cultural or religious beliefs.

If someone isn't willing or able to accept any reasonable fare (unreasonable would be putting the driver in physical danger), then that person shouldn't be allowed to be a cabbie. But then, my comment is probably discriminatory.

Hi Adrian
Recently stumbled across your blog and the post about the guide dog. Reminded me of when I was driving a taxi in Adelaide in the late '80s. Middle of summer, damn hot, middle of very busy Festival of Arts, trundling through Victoria Square and a bloke in full-size chicken suit hailed me and hopped in. While I was taking him to his next singing telegram engagement, the odour from his sweat - and he was really dripping - and the smell of the well-used chicken suit stripped the lining of my nose. He guzzled a litre of water in 2 minutes while rehearsing his next telegram, paid the fare jumped out and was gone. The smell stayed in the vinyl for the rest of the shift. Rank!

All of the Labradors that I've met have been preferable to most of the human beings I've met.

The ignorance of some, Adrian.

i think that if they are seeing eye dogs there shouldn't be a problem for them to get in a cab. they are well trained after all. https;//myrtlebeachdiscounttaxicab.com

Hi Adrian, just wondering what the policy is on cats? (in carriers, of course). I'd always assumed they'd be a no-no and I'm lucky to have family who can drive my moggy and me to the vets. But apparently my non-driving auntie uses cabs to take her feline to the vet????

I think you are ok Alice as long as your cat is contained. On weekends I have my dog with me all the time (she is tiny and she just goes in my handbag). None of the cabbies have ever had issues with her, but then I don't let her out to clamber over everything either.

Alice, cats in containers are fine by me.

isnt it illegal to refuse a guide dog?

sure is, majorly illegal based on discriminatory grounds, which most of the indian, sri lankan and pakistani cab drivers claim here over nearly anything yet they continually break all the laws in place, doesnt make much sense to me, you cant break laws by refusing fares and then expect to be treated with respect, i got told i wouldnt be taken by a indian (or some such) fellow because i was white, didnt think i was ticked off about they hey

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