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French & Israelis?

French & Americans

French & Saunders? ;-)

Has to be the poms and probably the frogs. For some reason they think we're racist against them...

Nah - I reckon its Poms and Yanks

Poms because theyd have nothing to whinge about, and yanks because the only country with 'real Freedom' is their own...

kiwis and poms.

Dutch and Victorians

Yanks and ? - brain freezes.

It's not the poms your morons! They love Australia. I say Americans are a posibility, maybe Canadians as well.

I’d say Canadians for one, they are intimidated by the Aussie openness and casual approach to life, plus there are not many places to play ice hockey. Having trouble with the second.
Have a nice day.

Americans and Japanese. What'd I win?

Germans and French.
Israelis as the trifecta.

Canadians - they love their own country too much despite the cold.

Irish - too much of a culture shock.

I reckon definitely not New Zealanders, as there are something like 600,000 of them over here anyway, and from what I've heard from my Pommy friends, the weather sux over there and they'd flee to anywhere to be shod of it.

Geez, Adrian, this one is a good firestarter!

Yes, it's a hottie, Peter. Might wait until this arvo to announce who wins the first cab off the rank.

Fire starter, barbecue stopper - you've stirred up something here, Adrian. For me, Canadians are way out in front of the rest of the field.

Germans and Americans

The winner is Steve @ The Pub, first cab off the rank. Well done.

Huh, French & Israelis?

What about Texans?

Dammit! Two legs in the trifecta.

You get Israelis in FNQ? Blimey!

The French? Well that might have been true a couple of decades ago when they were testing nuclear weapons and blowing up GreenPeace ships down in this hemisphere. But I think there's been a few changes of government and some water under the bridge since those days.

A few years back #2Son was in Lyon presenting a paper at a conference and he asked a local for directions. The local replied, "You are American. Wait till I finish my cigarette."

#2Son: "Non. Je suis Australien." Whereupon the local immediately threw his cigarette on the ground, stubbed it out and gave excellent directions in perfect English.

#2Son: "You stubbed out your cigarette because I'm Australian. Thankyou."

Local: "It's a good thing you didn't say you were English... or I would have stubbed out my cigarette ON YOU."

Definitely thinking kiwis!

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