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The show has been on the other foot for me lately. After nearly getting mown down by several cabs this month, I had to catch half a dozen last week for work. All the cabs and cabbies were clean and well presented and the drivers were calm and businesslike. They drove without fuss or bother or hooning and took great care with their driving. They were very pleasant to chat to. One told me how he had sold his cab and gone back to driving for others because it is so hard to find drivers that won't thrash and damage the cars. Some of them were more like chauffeurs than cabbies.

There are good and bad in every bunch of people. Then again, all these trips were during the day in the CBD, not at night on a weekend.

that was a good read. i haven't heard of cowboy cabbies before but know i know a bit more about it. :-)

You bolter, Adrian! You should have gotten his plate number so you could leave the fare at the base for him to pick up later :-) !

should have let him take you all the way to the city then got out without paying,would not have been a manly cab as that network has realy cracked down on the cowboys ,you get seen without a uniform or driver authority your straight of the road.

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I enjoy reading your blog and find it amusing and sometimes scary to hear the war stories of a taxi driver.

Having said that, I have to add some complaints of my own. I use taxis twice everyday for the past few months in Sydney and I find them mostly unprofessional.

There are a few types of incidents with taxi drivers:
1) A taxi driver doesn't know the way at all, he will ask for my direction on every street corner (even to central station)

2) A taxi driver knows the way but will deliberately take the more congested way which is off-course false economy on his behalf

3) A taxi driver will add charges to the meter as we're stopping, without a chance to look at the original meter charge.

4) Or just charge more on the credit card than what is on the meter, without any explanation or reason

5) A taxi driver will drive aggressively, switching lanes and braking and accelerating to the point of people almost getting seasick in the back seat

One of these things will happen everyday guaranteed

So you might be a courteous, professional taxi driver, but in Sydney mate you a rate breed.

Good luck.

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