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I suppose that if this gets to court we'll hear the old: "I didn't know what I was doing, I was on drugs" defense. Gotta love the law.

Nonsense, Gerri, the law doesn't make provisions for such a defense, and the ice epidemic is a matter of serious concern among police and the judiciary, let alone the general public. Carping about how the courts fail society or how there's never a cop when you need one is tabloid guff. Yes, there are deals cut to keep the cases moving, but if you had to do the job, "lock 'em all up" is no more realistic a solution than "shoot 'em all".

The attacker was white? If you hadn't known the victim was Sri Lankan would you have just referred to him as brown?

Josh, in general I go with 'south Asian'. In this instance involving racial abuse 'white' was the best descriptor for my assumption.

On a related note here's a previous incident involving racial abuse of 'brown' on white in an adjacent cafe to the above assault.

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