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Wow! It's been 18 months since last I blogged...it's good to see some friendly faces are still around! Some have left to shores unknown, I've discovered upon my return!

Hi Lee, nice to hear from you again. Welcome back.

Ygh. Tell me about it.

Caught my 13 yr old step-daughter smoking the other day.

Thanks, Adrian. :)

i'v noticed this about young ladies for some time now,getting groups of them in the cab all taking about who they would like to shag who's good and how big their dick is(and they say size doesn't count yea right)i don't know why you would be wary of a girl wanting to sit up front adrian you don;t look sleazie.

I worry about the kids of today. Their seemingly lack of respect for all things/people is like a rampant virus; a virus for which there is no antidote.

It goes back to parental control (or lack thereof). Good, solid values seem to be the minority...and this is a scary thing.

Discipline and respect have flown out the door.

The law courts are too lenient on young offenders. My answer to that is give the young offenders a long weekend in Afghanistan with our troops and if that doesn't cure them up...next time it's a month's holiday over there!

Interesting blog. I drive a taxi in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and I can relate to a lot of what you are saying about the weather. We have a desert climate here, and do not get much rain, but when we do, it comes in torrents. And it is very tiring to drive in. Between the slick streets, and the fools who think they can stop a pickup truck on a dime in the rain, it is very fatiguing. Take a break? I'd rather stay at home, thank you very much.
In Phoenix, we do not have a taxi and limo commission as they do apparently in your section of Australia (and most large USA cities). It is totally free market. As long as you have insurance and a meter that matches your posted rates, you can have your own cab business. So you do not have to worry here about a minor wreck causing a 6 month suspension. It will drive your insurance rates way up though. It must make it that much more nerve wracking driving a taxi in rain in Australia.
I drive days, so I don't get a lot of young folk out cruising for dates like you are getting, but I can agree that the morality of our youth has definitely shifted to the negative. I think it is a cultural thing. The West is slowly committing suicide.

Hi Adrian, you've got some very nice pieces up here. Did you know that there's a cabbie singing competition called Cabbie-oke at Sydney and Melbourne? Its quite interesting and there are good prizes on offer. You can check out details at their site if interested.

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