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Oh c'mon Adrian.... just change the signs on the cab and make it a full-time live feed!

MYass. hehe just got it :-) classic!

This sounds like link bait to me!

Adrian, I think it would be different if you could identify the person in the recordings.

What about your other recordings of people on the road - (the one you posted of the mad cyclist riding past Bondi Junction!)

I think Mumbrella is trying to pick a fight with you...

Sheesh, I have driven past Yass about 50 times in the last 10 years and never made that connection with the sign.

If you're going to publish an identifiable image of a person (and I'd imagine that to include a sound recording) then it's fine if they're in a public place.

However, a taxi is NOT a public place. Mind you if you are recording someone on the footpath or at the side of the road, etc, as some of your recordings have done, they'd be fine.

But I think you're wise not to publish recordings made in the cab, unless you get clearance from the recordees...

CRJC, there used to be a web-streaming cab in NYC.
Christian, yeah, they're pushing the issue for some reason.
Peter, taxis are deemed public transport.
Boy on a bike, you're moving in the wrong circles!

Surely taxis are private transport for hire, subject to additional governmental regulation, not public transport per se? Buses, trains, ferries I can see being categorised as public, but there's an expectation that if I hail you, you're not also going to be picking up anyone else along the way.

taxis are deemed public transport.

Wrong, again, sheesh!?

Gave the issue some more thought last night and asked around and both Greg and Peter are correct.

The best definition seems to be that taxis are not taxpayer funded and are therefore private vehicles.

Whilst drivers and operators are considered self-employed small businesses for taxation purposes, taxis are an integral part of the Government public transport system.

So we're not public servants like bus and train drivers but private vehicle operators in the public transport system. Phew.

The rules in British Columbia are quite strict so far as a camera pointing inside the cab goes. We'd have to buy one from the MoT and hire their installers to put it in. Video from it can only be used in court or by the MoT itself.

I can put a camera anywhere I want so long as it does not point inside the cab.

In effect, this means no releasing audio or video of fares taken inside the cab without their permission. I expect the rules are similar elsewhere.

The obvious exception would be for something like Cash Cab, which you should have been hosting years ago.

Adrian, I did raise this with you before, including with some gentle direction towards the relevant legislation. I presume the post to which I made this comment(about the 2 ladies in Redfern) has now been removed.

I think you've taken the right decision, albeit that it deprives us of some entertainment and even information.

Yeah, Marcellous, your concern was indeed warranted. Now feel embarrassed and disappointed for the lapse in judgement but luckily no harm done. Thanks again.

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