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My girlfriend and I saw "The Time Travellers Wife" last night, and I'd definitely recommend it as a romantic couples movie.

Don't worry, it's very light on the time travel (basically no discussion of science at all) and heavy on the romance.

My boyfriend took me to see (500) Days of Summer, we both enjoyed it. Was a little offbeat, quirky, sweet and the imagery was visually appealing. I also liked that it reversed the usual male/female roles... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1022603/

while I doubt they are still being shown in theatres. Two movies I would highly recommend would be "Black Book" and "Let the Right One in". Both are foreign-language films and are made with intelligent adults in mind. instead of the rubbish that Hollywood seems to dish out most of the time.

Sorry Adrian can't help you.
I rate movies by the body count, number of explosions and amount of gunfire.

I will, however, never forgive Clint Eastwood for "The Bridges of Madison County".

If you want to impress your lady, Adrian, "The Twilight" movies are going to the the way to go. My wilfe has read all the books in the series and when she finished she remarked "It's a real pity I've finished reading all the books, as I now really miss the characters".

With such a comment, they might be on to something with the series. And you can at least let me know if it is worth venturing to see :-)

Some good suggestions here, thanks folks.

PQ, understand, though I read the Bridges book and much better than film. From memory, a true story. Couldn't help but laugh at Eastwood's character in Gran Torino with that cigar chewing growl at your reminding him of the soppiness.

Peter, I may end up seeing Twilight yet, one never knows in these matters. At best, though, it'll be a DVD.

Adrian: I remember now! Go see Julia/Julie if it's still playing. It's about blogging AND cooking, so the two of you are going to love it. I saw it a few weeks ago with the other half and it wasn't too bad at all. A BIT of a love story, some history, lots of humour and Merryl Streep is always worth watching. I wonder if it's still on at all?

I don't know you want to be of late, but 'Definitely, Maybe' is a romantic one worth watching.

You need to dig the www.imdb.com and overnet a lot to get really good things.
But they really exist.
To watch them at the cinema you need to buy the cinema.

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