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G'day Adrian, I've been following this blog since 2006, and this is the first time I've posted. Might I say I'm AMAZED the touting rule is being enforced. I drove for seven years in Newcastle (and progressed to Radio Operator) and five of those were full time. In this time I NEVER so much as saw a transport inspector, although I did occasionally hear about them doing random checks. Needless to say the touting rule was never enforced, nor did we really need to. When you pull up at a nightclub at 3am on Friday or Saturday night, you don't need to TOUT for fares, it is, in fact, quite the opposite, requiring you to point out that you ARE only licenced to convey four (maybe five) passengers!! From the sound of your experiences it looks like the same applies.

I think it was a lot easier in Newcastle, however, the geographic area of Sydney is approximately 25 times as large, so if you do get a fare to the wrong place than where you need to changeover, you might run an hour or more late for the next driver! It only took twenty five minutes for us to get from Swansea to Shortland which are the furthest-flung points in the transport district. Do you guys actually USE the signs as referred to in the Regulations?

Keep writing top stuff - I've followed in your footsteps and started blogging last month - and you have been a BIG influence, so thanks!

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