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I miss the Blank Top Chronicles - they were classic yarns about human beings(?) who you would be ashamed to share the planet with.

I think it was from one of your references Adrian that I started reading BTC. That was probably about 2-3yr ago and I read it right through til he pulled the plug mid last year(?).
Mate, the number of times i spat cold coffee over my monitor.............
Yep, I miss it as well, and can only imagine what Brian(?) is doing now.
Not sure he can be replaced.

Dealing with the public is a wonderful experience, but we must all remember we are all the 'public', to someone else.

Yup, I miss BTC too. I must admit it made me very cautious about calling a cab in Arlington. I hope the guy that ran it is doing well.

What's that, Adrian? Gee, the confidentiality agreement was something we all hated, it was put in front of us about 2 months after we computerised in Newcastle, which was 1990 I think (getting a bit vague there!) I remember delaying signing it for as long as possible. Technically, I think I'm still bound by it. Basically it meant I couldn't come home and say "Gee, we had a real nutter calling up today and ... " But sux to that. I'm thinking I should have not used my real name after all :-) But sux to that, too! Yes, I'll have to intersperse a few reminiscences from the radio room on the blog, which you can all read at http://bustopher.blogspot.com/ And just for that, Adrian I was wondering what today's blog would be... errr, maybe a story of injustice to get people outraged?

i worked for a time in fire brigade dispatch you should hear some of the nutters ringig 000

Thanks Peter, your parting suggestion inspired today's post ;)

Regarding breaching confidentiality this can only occur if one readily identifies the subjects. By ensuring anonymity a story teller can safely avoid triggering a privacy clause.

I'm pretty sure though that the blog probably did in the guy's blog if not his job (hope he didn't get canned but I wouldn't be surprised).

Regarding breaching confidentiality this can exclusive become if one readily identifies the subjects. By ensuring obscurity a news teller can safely refrain triggering a isolation clause.
vernon getzler

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