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US Speed Cams can impose fines but not points--the theory here is that for punishment like loss of driving privlidges you need to be confronted by a cop not a machine.

When we are in tune with the world around us, moments like this happen - you meet a newspaper editor, have a gripe, and he's already put a newspaper to bed complaining about your very issue.
Brilliant timing Adrian!

Hi Adrian - your blog is brilliant BTW.

I always have trouble when I hear comments like "despite knowing it's blatant robbery" in the same sentence as "speed camera's".

The answer is simple, if people get booked, they were doing the wrong thing...breaking the law. Yes, the camera's are quite lucrative for the Gov, but if people simply don't break the law by speeding, then they won't get fined or loose points. I also never understand the less gripe when people get stung by mobile police speed vans. It's the same thing isn't it?

It's such a baseless argument, and to be honest, I'm a tad surprised to hear that you have the same beliefs.

Perhaps neither side will ever agree?!

In the meantime, keep blogging mate - always a pleasure to read.

Tylers, you are taking an absolute position to speed cameras when surely you know that life ain't so, especially where it concerns our bankrupt state government.

I exhort you to reread the article, plus drive the said route and check the map then explain why this should be 50 kph rather than 60kph. I'd suggest it doesn't conform to the RTA's road safety standards.

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