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To the questioner:
You became an Australian as soon as you felt Australian enough to have asked that question.

In my opinion, anybody that is born and educated in this fabulous country is a real Australian. You are a product of your upbringing, full stop.
Any other migrant, no matter how long they have lived in OZ, is therefore a member of the Australian society, but never a true Australian.
I tried, very hard, arriving here at the tender age of 19, but stoped bullshitting myself on the realisation that you cannot get your origins out of your blood or head.
Any Australian living overseas will share my sentiment.
By that I certainly do not imply that migrants aren't part of society at large and proud to live their lives here.
But even after all those years in Paradise I am still confused about this "sport" obsession. ;)

When we moved out of rural Vic, one of the locals said to my Dad "Well I guess you are a local now, you've raised your kids here".

Only took 16 years to be accepted, but perhaps you have to go through raising some grubs?

Seems to take about three generations before everyone forgets that you're "from away". It can be hard when there is a language barrier involved, especially for 3rd gen kids who can't converse with their grandparents.

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