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Trust you to come up with this example. As a driver, the directive as set out by the department of motor transport, is to travel the quickest, most direct route OR as directed.
Therefore the standard question on an Airport job, which route would you like to take. Most business passengers prefer the freeway, thereby including the tip they never give. Fair enough by me.
But if a flat rate will be introduced, guess which route I'll take.

Couldn't help myself, Rainer, I'm an old mapmaker. It demonstrates the reason for fare variations, identifying advantages for either route and the factors involved. Also I used Tariff 1 for the fare estimates (20% added for Tariff 2), with assumed off-peak travel conditions.

i did a job from the airport to the 4 seasons hotel the other day and it ran $42.50 via the ED with the tolls a lot more than the $25 thats keeps getting quoted for a trip from the airport to the city.In peak hour it can run $20 just to go from central rail to the 4 seasons.

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