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I felt sorry, Adrian, that no-one had said anything at all after such a long, considered post from you so I thought I would offer just a few heartfelt words that are, ultimately, of no consequence and will disappear into the cyber-maelstrom/blackhole.

And they are :- Cricket, as we have come to know it, is all but finished. Diluted, rooted by all manner of financial interests and agenda, not to mention the overwhelming presence of the yobbo of every nationality, it is diminished to the point where the Ashes series just finished was a "battle of the dwarves". Neither side deserved to win. The talent, when it arrives, will be lured away by lots of rupees to play in the abomination that, apparently, is the future - Twenty/20. What would Alan McGilvray make of it, I wonder?

No worries, Stefano, there are always lonesome posts of little interest. This one probably reflects how much I've been working lately resulting in a lack of creative energy. And a dearth of arseholes! Thanks for the thoughtful sentiment, anyway.

And if you're wondering the famous couple: It's Cate Blanchette and he man ;)

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