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That reminds me of the fare I had 10 years ago when the female passenger threw a tantrum and demanded a divorce from her husband. The bloke was totaly embarrassed and after she left the cab I looked him in the eye and wished him good luck.
As it turned out this fellow became my brother in law three years after this event, funny how life goes sometimes.
He is now my ex brother in law, so I guess he kept his track record.

You really have to wonder about some couples..

Adrian, I reckon you could make some money on the side acting as counsellor. A cabbie must experience these situations on an almost daily basis....

And you'd be much more useful than the ones that start "now, tell me how you feel...."

No need to ever turn your radio on, you've got entertainment on tap.

yup...I think its the same in all cab's round the world Adrian...just different cars.

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