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Not quiet right! John only drives his Taxi when he is not doing research for John Stanley and various other characters that inform the Nation via talk back radio.
He also misses Stan Zemanek, his favourite entertainment while driving his cab, since Stan has gone there's nothin on.
But be quick to catch some of John comments as he has a clear career path laid out for himself, and is aiming for a middle management position with a Taxi network.
All of us wish him well in his aspiration.

It pays to be anonymous, Adrian, or you cop hell from all the weirdo stalkers. There's one joker called JF Beck, for example, who likes to smear teachers because they sometimes include mention of body parts and sex (gasp) in their blog posts. There's another in Queensland who used to take delight in contacting employers.

As for John Sonul, do you really believe he is "hapless"? Looks to me as if he's the architect of his own misfortunes.

Bridgit, I don't have a problem with pseudonyms per se, for it's understandable to protect oneself online. Yep, it's scary stuff blogging under your own name.

However to hide behind a pseudonym whilst employing personal attacks (rather than challenging views) against those using their own name, is not only cowardly but rank hypocrisy.

Additionally, your lazy characterisation of cab drivers indicates an elitist mind-set which labels you a snob, as noted by one commentor at JF Beck's.

Finally, I trust you realise that by choosing to highlight an otherwise dedicated bloke's discernible communication flaws, for the sake of a cheap shot, it actually reflects more upon yourself.

PS. Those personally attacked by anonymous snipers can be deemed 'hapless'.

Not that it has anything to do with me, you guys can fight amongst yourselves, but....

Bridget says:
"Also, it takes about five minutes of hunting and reading to discover that Sonul is a lunatic who's twice been hauled before anti-discrimination tribunals for homophobic rants and vilification. Yet in the world of Beck, he's just "outspoken"..."

Adrian says :

"Finally, I trust you realise that by choosing to highlight an otherwise dedicated bloke's discernible communication flaws, for the sake of a cheap shot, it actually reflects more upon yourself."

Am I missing something?

Adrian, you declare me to be "lazy" and "elitist" on the basis of one comment, while a bloke whose bigotry, homophobia and rank stupidity is readily visible across the Internet you say is "dedicated" and just prone to some "communication flaws". Give... me... a... break.

My remark about cabbies was tongue-in-cheek and certainly an assessment of all cab drivers; if it had offended you then I would have been happy to apologise. But given that you seem to be an apologist for a lunatic - either because he shares your vocation or (worse) because you share his views - I don't think I'll bother.

"and certainly an assessment of all cab drivers".

Yup, we know Idgit.

Are you really as unhappy and as petty a person as you sound, BG?

Shame, that.

Are you really so naive as to draw conclusions about someone's life from some comments on the Internet, July?

Shame if you are.

Rainer, I've made my point the best I could whilst Bridgit will continue to deny the blindingly obvious. Thus I'm done.

Head, meet sand.

A witty rejoinder from Bridgit, blogging's Baghdad Bob.

Thanks Adrian
Obviously there is a problem with Bridget, one I don't understand as I don't know her. I trust your judgement on this.
But when it comes to our fellow cabbie commentator, the one you describe as a "dedicated bloke"; it seems he is giving you and me and our fellow drivers a bad name, and I don't reckon defending him and his Bierkeller views is doing us a favour.

Yeah, Rainer, in hindsight 'dedicated' is the wrong term. Actually I was trying to diplomatically describe someone who holds passionate or committed beliefs, odious as they may be, without ridiculing his...personal limitations.

To be honest I feel some sympathy for the bloke, not because of those views or our shared profession but rather for him personally. Especially when others with advantages in education or career or social skills or breeding or sheer luck in life would idly give him a personal kicking. It's bullying writ large and they know it.

Oh my God, I just realised that the guy is a Allen Jones impersonator. And here I though he had something wrong with him. ;)
P.S. There is nothing wrong with a lack of education, as that makes up a broad section of society, including cab drivers. Its what you do with it that is of concern.

Ms. Gread,

With regards to Mr. Sunol -- I might tell you to pick on someone your own size, if it didn't appear to me that you already are. So... stupid? Or Hegelian? I'll make nice and guess Hegelian. A lame blogger riding on Mr. Sunol's considerable coat-tails. I'm sure you know what the Book of Matthews says about calling other people fools. Do you really think you'll win a 'net flame-war with this guy? I'll be interested to know, a couple of months from now, if your own poor behaviour was really worth a few extra hits. You're looking to me like a guy who walks into a bar and picks a fight with the smallest, oldest, weakest opponent he can find. Well done.

Quite apart from looking a complete tit for picking on this Sunol fellow, you have -- as Adrian pointed out -- managed to insult every cab driver on the planet. Might not be the brightest thing you've ever done, especially if it gets around at the taxi yards in your area.

Would you like to see a man who sacrificed everything to Fichte's "Freedom"? Do you want to see what it looks like when a small town bloke who fell into Zarathustra's Manichean mysticism and Hegel's neo-platonism (without ever knowing what they are) figures out that Hegel was full of crap and our Manichee a madman? You do seem fascinated with the unfortunate. Google "Bill Whatcott" and you'll find a gay-for-pay junkie who found God about the same time he figured out that sodomy and "free love" are considerably less healthy than heroin or a three-packs-a-day tobacco habit. I expect you might find him amusing. Me.... I tend to stare at my shoes when he's talking. If he's a bit nutty I won't be holding it against him. That such people are not eloquent and often make simple errors in grammar or logic does not in any way diminish the value of what they have to say. How many funerals do you have to go to before you start to think that maybe sodomy isn't such a grand idea? Will you avoid hypocrisy and tell us all that you like it up the bum? It's no less dangerous and unhealthy for a woman than it is for a man, so I can't recommend it. Not even to a boorish little Kant like yourself.

You have made light of Mr. Sunol's opinions on women. Mr. Sunol may not be edumacated enough to know that "feminism" is a direct translation of the Russian word "bolshevism", and has therefore developed a very low opinion of women. I've heard quite a few people say horrible things about "women", which sounds unreasonable unless you know that their ire is quite reasonably directed at communists who claim to speak for all women. I have seen a few perfectly nice ladies suffer because others mistook them for communists as well. It's an easy mistake -- sort of like judging womankind by you, who are also an embarassment to your sex.


Adrian -- I wouldn't link to this woman's site. If I were you, I wouldn't have anything to do with her at all.

....but then again, too much education can't be all that healthy for you either.

I agree with Adrian's original concern. Having a go at an ignoramus is fair game if you can be bothered.

But the sentiment, paraphrased, of "... well he's only a cabbie - what can you expect?", is an unfortunate generalisation. It sounds so-o-o much like the chorus response to Hanson, "Fish & Chip Shop Owner".

By all means take them on when they're on a public campaign, as this dude seems to have been. We shouldn't allow the Homer Simpson view of "I'm proud of my ignorance" to prevail.

But on the basis of their views, not their occupation. I drive cabs, too, y'know.

Hey, Rainer, watch it about too much education. Just because I've got a BA doesn't mean I don't know anything!

It's not about intelligence or education. It's not about Mr. Sunol's alleged thought crimes either.

This woman is a cheap bully. We have our share of these here in Canada too. Shakedown artists.

Our local shakedown artists are getting their arses kicked -- they were winning large settlements in the new "human rights" star chambers against the penniless and uneducated. People with odd opinions. People who can't afford a lawyer. That civil tribunal she mentioned in NSW sounds like much the same thing. The plaintiff's costs are paid by the state but the defendant's costs are not recoverable even if he wins. No due process. No presumption of innocence. No need to prove measurable harm against a specific person. Truth is no defence either. A 100% conviction rate. The star chambers and their staff are now themselves the subject of a parliamentary inquiry, numerous lawsuits in real not "kangaroo" courts, and at least one criminal investigation, not least for posting awful things on web sites and then accusing the site owners of thought crimes. It was a nice little scam they had going until they took on Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant, among others. Now it is the tribunals and their supporters who are under the microscope and I'm happy to say they aren't liking it much. Their activities don't bear much scrutiny.

It looks like you may have some similar things going on in Oz. If this Gread woman isn't one of those scam artists she sure sounds like one.

Ah yes 'Bridgit Gread'. I remember her from a couple of years ago in relation to the saga of a certain anonymous lawyer blogging out of Melbourne.

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