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Near where I live there is a University that has 40kph speed limits during 'school times'. What the?

There is a permanent 40kph limit along the beachfront at Manly due to the signposted "high pedestrian activity".

Take the 3 months! I used to work a job that requred a lot of driving and I took the 12 month option. After "driving Miss Daisy" for 363 days I was caught using my phone on the hume hwy...6 months riding a bike was not fun!

The 12 months thing won't be easy, but then again, three months not working wouldn't exactly be a barrel of laughs either. I wish you well with it.

As far as I know in Victoria, wearinga bike helmet is mandatory on a bicycle, but having it fastened is not... An odd stipulation in my mind. Something like that would make for an interesting investigation I reckon.

Ah, I remember I had like a year or two where I was pulling out the same checklist for fear that one more ticket would send me to a suspension, and make it that more difficult for renewing a license. It did me really well, as I finally learned how to drive with a new calm energy and finally stopped getting tickets - knock on wood.

Hope Murray and Clive don't distract you from driving within your new restraits. Just chant softly "ommmm, ommmm, ommmm............"

Spot the silent "n" in restraint......

Good luck whichever you do. Back in my hacking days I was racking up a ticket every 3 months which quickly sank my driver's score.

bad luck adrian i reakon cabbies and pro drivers should get a few extra points over normal drivers due to the time on the road.i shouldn't boast but 4 weeks ago i got my first fine apart from 1 parking fine in 29 years of hacking for neg driving by running up the arse of a car slamming on the brakes to avoid a bus leaving a left hand lane with the old give way sign that all buses in NSW display.i know i should have been far enough away to stop but at the time i was changing my plot on my MDT and the split second eyes of the road and this happens no excuse in the eyes of the law but maybe my good record might get me of the fine even though i still wear the demit points.

Good luck Adrian.

The boss just bought us a bunch of T-shirts -- "Keep Calm and Carry On"

Dunno how many drivers will wear it, but it fits.

One trick I have used here in Canada is moving. When I switched from Nova Scotia to Ontario they started me with a clean slate -- same thing when I moved from Ontario to British Columbia. I don't know if that would work in Oz. Might be an excuse to take a year in another state if it does.

Good luck Adrian, but I think that it would be near impossible to get through a year, driving your kms, in NSW with our cameras & police hiding behind trees, etc, without incurring a point.

Demerit points are one of the dangers of spending so much time on the road. There should be some special arrangement for "professional drivers".

I have come close twice to losing my licence in my years on the road and thereby sympathise with your situation and nervousness. My best advice would be to carry on as usual and not be too worried; when it happens it will or it wont. Being uptight and looking over your shoulder every minute of the day will make your shifts even harder.
As to the possible suspension, take my advice above and stay clear of the 2 points option. Most Magistrates would understand that driving is your living and could lend you an ear on an argument of a reduced suspension. That would make for a holiday as opposed to being unemployed.
As to pleas in the comments that professional drivers should get more points as we are always on the road, I used that ones to a policeman who busted me for speeding; he said to me that because I am a professional driver I certainly should know better, and up to today I find it hard to argue against that fact.

As a cabbie I wouldn't make much money "driving Miss Daisy" for 12 month.
Would be pretty much the same amount as a doll I guess.
3 month off sounds soooo sweet.

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