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Hi Adrian
I think a lot of people were unaware of the not insignificant charitable financial contribution to society made by Kerry Packer.
He was a generous man.

I like the fact he didn't want it known he was the donor. Gives it much more genuine meaning.

KP also helped the NSW ambulance service. When he had his heart attack they pointed out to him that he was lucky enough to have been picked up by one of the few ambulances that were equipped with a defribrilator. Once recovered, he arranged to purchase one for EVERY ambulance in NSW....

Yes and the ambo's nicknamed them 'Packer Whackers' according to a Kerry Packer biography I read...

Yeh but the Packer whackers' were not really an entirely altruistic gift -

he gave them after he was saved by one when all the NSW ambulances didn't have them so it could be argued he was just looking after himself in case he needed it again.

Just think how much money KP could have saved just by keeping his own defibrillator on hand. No need for that altruism after all; happily he didn't think that way.

Yes there are people like that.
I wrote about Chuck Feeney and Irish American who gave away Billions of dollars to help people. The only condition was that it be done secretly. America changed the law so he had to give up his name. I met him on the eve of his disclosure to the Irish Times. There is one book about him"The Billionaire Who Wasn't" By Conor Cleary.
Chuck met Bill Gates at a dinner and told him about his Atlantic philanthropies and Bill then got the bug of giving while living.
Nial Mellon a financial investor has built thousands of houses in S.Africa, every year hundreds of volunteer's fly over and build more houses.
People like that make us human.

You know my blog

There is a link on my sidebar marked "Prostitution" when they click on it it wakens them up.

Sue - don't be such a hater.

So what he gave a gift that he had a use for. Big deal. It's a gift nonetheless that benefits others.

The negativity in this world is unbelievable *shakes head*.

Sue - get stuffed.

I never knew Kerry Packer was such a generous man. Thanks for the info!

I once met a "society lady" who did some fairly hands-on work with the kids at Oasis Refuge in Surry Hills. She knew KP and she described how all she had to do was ring his secretary and say "Oh hello, it's V**** here, we need some dollars again," and he would immediately courier money over to her for the centre.

I agree with the commenter above who said his decision to remain anonymous makes his gestures even more impressive.

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