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Happy Easter to you Adrian, I hope you get some time off. Funny how most late night fares end up at the Cross at Easter.
Great advice to your passenger, those cookies are the only upside of having cancer I reckon.
Hope to catch up with you one day, for a coffee and a biscuit. Butternut that is.

Nup, Rainer, working right through. Look forward to catching up for a coffee.

Happy Easter to all.

Too true about the financial crisis changing work patterns. Pre-GFC I avoided the traffic until 6pm, and finished around 4.30am - with at least an hours break during the night.
Now I fight the traffic on midweek afternoons to get something on the meter. Later on I rely on cruise and hails - I've had a few "dreaded Three Wise Monkeys"...

The use of marijuana in a medicinal capacity for cancer and other chronic disease patients is long overdue..
Marijuana is far from the 'soft drug' that it had been made out to be in the past and can have a raft of both physical and mental health implications associated with its use.. However it is a far better alternative to the use of strong opiate painkillers in ongoing pain management as is the norm today. It also has the added benefit of increasing appetite, something which opiates don't do.

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