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Hi Adrian,
I understand your concern about Anzac Day, let me share my perspective. I drive for Manly Cabs, and for the first time, this year, I was invited to take part in the War Veterans Motorcade from Narrabeeen to the City & The March, for the Veterans who are too old or infirm to march on the day.
What I had not expected was the number of Cabs (60)& Veterans (240) and the overwhelming support from local residents all the way from Narrabeen to Seaforth. Kids,signs,hooters,flags mums,dads,Veterans,Bus Drivers,Police,RSL Members-they were all there & I must say, for a hard nosed old coot like myself, I was in tears in the cab,lucky I had the sunglasses on & could hold some composure.
But, it didn't end there, all the way to Martin Place people stopped, waved Australian Flags, smiled & clapped.
It was the same leading the March & the Veterans I had on board were a great blokes, as laconic, charming & irreverent as you could expect.
All they wanted was acknowledgement & to share the day with their mates, and they got that in spades.
Now I agree the afternoon was, for some, another day to get on it, perhaps your Blog will cause Young Australians to reflect for a moment on the true meaning of ANZAC.
For me,it was a privelege to participate.
Drive safely,

Thank you John Hurley for that lovely write up, you had the best Anzac day cab story. Good on you cobber.
As to Adrian's experience, one I have had many an Anzac day, its a bit of a laugh; I keep telling my passengers how nice it is to see the young ones appreciating the occasion and partaking in the spirit, when the honest truth is that they partake in dropping pills, doing lines and hitting the piss really hard. And lets not forget the two up. But its kind of sweet to have young girls explain to me "That they died for us" before passing out on the back seat in a drunken stupor.
But no complaints here, I love the money Anzac day brings, and it allows me to give a free ride here and there to the real hero's.

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