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You just never know for sure.
My biggest success for stopping for the wrong guy.
He had MS and been trying to hail a cab for ages

I totally agree, one has to fine tune the assumption function in the brain when driving a taxi. Too many exceptions to the rule, that's what our occupation does teach us.
But then again you say the fellow was a banker, running a mortgage start up. Considering the trouble those businesses have caused in the last two years, your assumption on him being a flea wasn't that far of.

It's hard to say - sometimes making a judgement on appearances and circumstances is the right thing to do. I guess the lesson is to just take a brief moment to double-check your assumptions (as you did in picking up his demeanour).

The photo is great by the way.

Hi mate, I think this blog is fabulous. I have added your blog to my blog-roll at amaccas.blogspot.com. Is this cool with you? If not, I will take it down. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Thanks, Andrew, and no worries. Happy blogging.

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