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How much money does the government rake in from the taxi industry each year? I'd say enough to fund a fleet of compliance officers. Treasury simply wants to pocket the money for use elsewhere, rather than using it for what it should be used for, which is ensuring the industry is properly regulated.

Its the same here and the honest driver gets it in the neck all the time.
Wait until one of these moonlighter turns out to be a rapist or murderer.

Thanks for the tip Adrian, I will ask for a detailed receipt next time I have a questionable cabdriver. The unprofessional drivers (with or without authority) damage the whole industry.

OOHH, you say cabbie cheat? No photo? Long way? Dirty Station wagon cab? You no good blogger mate. Photo is brother. Talk too much. Site no good for you tube. See you on lank. Will put extra chilly in your dinner soon. We no go long way, we have GPS. Even in Silver Service we look professional. You bugger off.

adrian what about all the cowboy hire cars,shuttle buses etc who are everywhere in sydney with no one looking into them.

With the prevalence of Camera Phones these days, do you get anyone taking a photo of you and emailing it before they step into your cab.

I would have thought this was good risk control: Kill me and there is a trail for the Police to follow.

How do you feel about the suggestion though. (Note: I am male; 6'2" and a black belt in a martial art so I don't have as much concern about safety as some of your other passengers

Boy on bike, one suspects the Govt judges there is not enough outcry to properly fund MOT, compared with health, education, trains, etc.
Rainer, many a true word...
Manlycabbie, also raised the touting hire cars at Airport with MOT officer for which he had the same response-not enough manpower.
MrT, can't really say but would doubt it. Still, not a bad idea for women when uncertain about the driver. They could also note the plate# shown inside on the front window and SMS it.

Thank you Adrian, personally I thought my words could be interpreted as racist. On that thread may I say a big G'day to all the professional Asian cabbies that have worked next to me for all those years and are great Taxi drivers. Also a big hallo to all the new Asian drivers who have a difficult job to learn and face a fair bit of discrimination. Hang in there, it won't take long to learn the ropes.
But to point out that the Sydney Taxi industry is more and more looking like a Cabramatta sweatshop every day wouldn't be racist, rather realistic.

Not a good ad for Sydney cabbies. How about this low life driving off. What a scum bag. I'm guessing he wasnt an Australian driver.

Rainer, don't worry about it, that's the nature of the industry, the world over.
Craig, hard to judge not knowing the facts. Takes some courage to face a mob, but yes, the cabbie could have called cops or helped after the assault, at the very least.

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