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Adrian, good to see you back in the New Year. Being just 40 - this whole drug scene is really foreign to me. I guess it is very mainstream but I don't see it. Probably not that different to our attitude to alcohol growing up. Keep up the posts.

Being just 49, I'm with Dianne. Would love to hear someone explain the phenomenon but doubt that it's worth hearing what drug users have to say.

I really love the dogs the coppers use. They look as dopey and playful as the people they bust.
Being young and drugs seem to go together, ever since the fifties, [hey, why was Fonzie cool?] but it has taken on gigantic proportions in this day and age. What disturbs me more is the rubbish that is mixed in with the real stuff and what the kids are really consuming.
Sixty pills over four days? Mayor Tom without the cruise control.

Sorry, I have to add that in no way I am endorsing drug use, too much damage I have seen, its just that law enforcement doesn't work. Us cabbies see it every Fri. and Sat. night, it is more common than booze, so my attitude is towards prevention rather than punishment. For the users anyway.

G'day, Adrian

This is my first comment on your site, which is informative and enjoyable. I don't take issue with just about anything you have had to say. Small "h" however re your second paragraph :- I would have dropped the f'wit off at the club and let the beagles or labradors detect him. A born loser and you have only postponed the inevitable. Better that the inevitable greets him now rather than later.

Hi Stefano, welcome to Cablog comments.

That's an understandable sentiment but at that point the idiot hadn't produced any money and the meter showed $25. Not only did my advice loosen the purse strings but he also offered a parting handshake. With such stupidity, though, he'll come unstuck sooner or later.

Being 25, I don't actually get the drug scene either. I must be the only person (other than my husband) my age who has never tried illicit drugs, nor do I want to. I just.don'
(and my hubby and I aren't evangelical christian folk or anything)

The thing I find, is that while I understand what jayjay is saying, they're just normal people. Normal "kids". I would know 100's(!) of people my age who have tried it. People like me who haven't are down right rare. People that do it regularly? Still quite normal. You can definitely tell however, when they have a problem with it.

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