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Interesting blog you have. You may want to look up an artist called Philip Glass, he's such an interesting guy who was a Cab Driver. if you listen to his music, you'll sense what it's all about. He composed classical music, but, it's meant to represent the motions of cab driving! :)

Dakota, thanks for the Phillip Glass info, an unusual occupational choice for a composer,

“It meant that I didn’t have to work in the academic or commercial music worlds,” Glass said from his New York home, before leaving for San Francisco. “I wanted to be by myself, with no commitment to an employer, simply earning money, and able to compose independently and pretty much all the time.”

Glass was able to take his children to school and spend time with them.

“No one cared what I did, I wasn’t invited anywhere. There was this tremendous amount of freedom,” he said. “Life was easier and cheaper then, before the overwhelming consumerism and indulgences of today.”

Another musician who references the inspiring motions of driving cabs is singer/songwriter, Richard Shindell,

Into the stream, we pulled away

I know it well, this old ballet

Finding the flow, minding the sway

Catching green lights all the way

A sweet tune and well worth a listen.

Great recomedation! I always been a Phillip Glass fan, he performed at the Opera house one time, the orchestra on stage and behind them showing the movie Powaqqatsi, for which he wrote the soundtrack. A memorable occasion, and since I only got late to the box office it was the first film I ever watched standing up.See some of it here :

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