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That IS gold!

Sound like a pair of f*gs

What do you mean by "only rarely" being propositioned? Everybody knows that cabbies are sex machines, especially when in a competition with a radio announcer in somebodies backyard.
Taxi cab confessions? In your dreams mate, in your dreams.

sex for fares yeh happens all the time you just got to be under 25 and look like brad pitt.although last sat nite in the country town i sometimes work sitting on the rank outside 1 of 2 hotels in town 2 mid 20's females (very drunk) come up and say please mister taxi man we have no money can you take us somewhere,do i look like a charity,one says i'll give you a head job(very classy girl)my relpy shit get in i'm doing nothing i take you there for 2 of those beers you have(small town how long do you think before my wife would hear about the other option

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